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Gust Zachos immigrated to the United States from Greece in 1912. He opened up a restaurant/soda fountain business in Freedom, Pennsylvania.

Gust had worked with relatives in Greece making candy and decided during his slow periods in the restaurant he would make chocolate confections. He believed that quality was the most important factor in making a good product. Gust bought all the best ingredients available and put them together and started what would become Rosalind Candy Castle.

In 1914, the candy part of his business was growing so he decided to have a contest to give his confections a name. The name was chosen from two entries. Rosalind Candy Store and The Candy Castle, so Gust named his store Rosalind Candy Castle. The store was moved to 128-130 Brighton Avenue in Rochester, Pennsylvania. Gust continued to make more types of chocolate confections and soon the candy business was growing faster than the restaurant business.

To better accommodate the candy end of the business, Gust moved the store to 11th Street & 3rd Avenue in New Brighton, Pennsylvania. At this time, Medard Zaluska was the main candy maker who was aided by John Crudden while Elizabeth Crudden managed the store and the restaurant end of the business.



As the business continued to grow, the building on 3rd Avenue became too small to keep up with the candy demand. So a new store was built in 1951 at the current location at the corner of 13th Street & 5th Avenue, New Brighton, Pennsylvania. The building was completed in 1952 and that became the new home of Rosalind Candy Castle. The restaurant part of the business ended to concentrate on the ever increasing demand for the candy.

Gust became ill during this period and the Crudden and Zaluska families continued to operate the business and upon Gust passing purchased the business. Jim Crudden is currently president and continues to uphold the traditions of its founder and continues to demonstrate an unmatched passion for chocolates.


Rosalind's insists on the highest of product quality. We continue to make all of our candy from scratch using the finest ingredients from around the world. Pure dairy cream and butter are still used in candy recipes, nuts are still roasted to perfection before being covered in our silky smooth chocolate.

Rosalind's reputation for superb chocolates continues to grow earning the respect of chocolate lovers throughout the tri-state area. We have been voted #1 Best Candy Store by the Beaver County Times Readers Choice Awards. Many new confections have been made since Rosalind's start in 1914, but one thing remains constant, and that is our commitment to quality.